2021 is fast approaching and it couldn’t get here soon enough. Greeting to the year 2021. May this holiday season sparkle and shine; May the new year bring you warmth, love and light to guide your path to a positive destination; And may all your wishes and dreams come true. Kokoro’s sushi platters are now available for dine-in and takeaway, call us on 03 9591 0338 or visit us at 39A Church Street Brighton to let the platters light your new year’s holiday .

A lot has happened this year, after a hard period, we took a chance and shared the new menu with you, we introduced a new series of sushi platters and sushi train experience. Now it’s the perfect time to eat seafood, when you see a long train of plates passes before your eyes, do not hesitate to grab plates of salmon nigiri, tuna sashimi and ebi tempura, you’ll be impressed.

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard at improving the dining experience under the restriction of social distancing, therefore, your safety will be guaranteed definitely.

Thanks to your support, we’re able to continue to serve you. Even though it has been a challenging year, we enjoyed every meal we shared with you, e.g. Udon, Bentos etc,.

Each year we are a little more hopeful for what the next year will be. We’d like to invite you to open the book which pages are blank, its first chapter is New Year, let’s put words on the book together, so cheers to the amazing year of 2021.