It seems that more and more people want to know a proper way to eat sushi. While traditional Japanese sushi is simple, focusing on the fish, contemporary sushi mixes traditional and untraditional ingredients such as fish, meat and vegetables. Kokoro supposes this article is able to help you to choose the best sushi and to ensure you enjoy your sushi experience.

Here are some tips to follow to choose the best sushi and the perfect sushi experience:

  1. Check the temperature of rice, the rice should not be very cold and be served at room or body temperature.
  2. The smell of fish should not be too ‘fishy’, if so, then the sushi will not be fresh or something is not being properly cleaned.
  3. Good quality seaweed should be crispy and have a nice toasty flavour, not be too soggy.
  4. Dine at places with a good reputation for sushi, with extensive professional sushi makers and good quality of ingredients.

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