easter blog

Happy Easter! Kokoro hopes you have an EGG-CITING Easter Holiday!

easter blog

As Easter is coming to the corner, we believe most of you have already begun to plan your Easter holiday gathering meal, if you haven’t yet, not to worry, sit back and order a sushi platter from Kokoro – let’s get some interesting insides to the secrets of eating sushi the way real experts do.

easter blog

Behave in a sushi restaurant like a real expert

Healthy sushi set with shrimps and rice

– Pickled ginger is NOT a palate cleanser. In fact, its sweet, sour and spicy taste can refresh your mouth and let you ready for the next delicious dish.

– Respect the taste hierarchy. Purists say that you should start with some ‘lighter’ sashimi, leaner fishes such as whitefish and shrimp, and then move on to richer, fattier fish like yellowtail and tuna through to mackerel and eel. The last will be the omelette if you’re still hungry, and then make some sushi rolls or stuff like miso soup to fulfil you.

it’s nice to know the ‘proper’ way to enjoy sushi, but in the end, it’s up to you. If it goes into your mouth and it makes you happy then we think you’re eating it just right.

So book your table or order your takeaway now for this Easter! Please call us on 03 9591 0338 or visit us at 39A Church Street, Brighton VIC 3186. Look forward to serving you soon!