Melbourne’s winter is cold and cloudy with moderate rainfall. Don’t stand out in the cold weather, if you wonder what to eat, try these hearty winter dishes at Kokoro that will warm you up from the inside out!


Udon is a perfect meal on a cold winter’s day – its thick and delicious noodles absorb the flavour, making the meal rich and fulfilling.

Japanese Curry

Japanese curry normally includes hearty chunks of meat, carrots and potatoes, which is indeed a perfect comfort food during the winter months.

Miso Soup

Cozy up with a miso soup, the perfect winter delicacy! You don’t even need to cook at home, just head to Kokoro to enjoy the authentic miso soup.


A great source of protein and available in a huge variety of formats, from soft to firm – there’s something for everyone.

Sushi Platter

Shared with your beloved family & friends, sushi platter is the best tasty dish when the cold weather sets in.

After spending a day in the cold weather, nothing beats coming inside to have a hot meal! Be sure to try one of these dishes at Kokoro in winter! To make a reservation, call us on 03 9591 0338 or visit us at 39A Church Street, Brighton VIC 3186.