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Kokoro Sushi

Kokoro sushi is constantly working to bring the freshest and best quality Japanese cuisine to Brighton. We are sourcing locally and delivering daily to provides a distinct, unique spin to tried and tested Japanese flavours, cementing its reputation as one of Australia’s best Japanese restaurants.

Kokoro Sushi

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to a dynamic culinary experience straight from Kokoro sushi’s top Executive Chefs who bring the dynamic and innovative Japanese culture to life through their mouthwatering creations. Traditional Japanese food is prepared by the renowned our chefs, with a contemporary twist, sourced from the best, freshest and most seasonal ingredients.

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Kokoro Sushi

Dine In

Taking pride in creating innovative flavour combinations, the Kokoro sushi team provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy the very best in contemporary Japanese cuisine. We create our latest menu that is full of flavours including maki rolls, nigiri sushi platters, sashimi, salads, udon, bento and hot snacks.

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Kokoro Sushi
Kokoro Sushi

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Kokoro sushi is carefully handcrafted, made to enjoy and share.

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